Jan 30, 2014

Rockjewel feels royal with Lilypad Lacquer Queen of Halloween

Queen of Halloween is a polish that was made by Lilypad Lacquer for the What's In-die Box for October 2013. 
What's In-die Box is a collaboration between some Aussie indie polish creators. They choose a theme for each month and five creators make each one limited edition polish inspired by that theme. 
I haven't bought the box yet even though it is sometimes tempting, the shipping cost to Sweden is a bit too high. 

I saw this polish on Instagram (i think it was) and liked it very much! A bit sad that I couldn't get my hands on it, but then I happened to see that a lady in Denmark had it up for sale. It wasn't cheap, but not too expensive either, and since she had a couple of other polishes that I wanted, at good prices, I decided to buy. 

It is a beautiful polish, but it doesn't measure up to True Blood (on the pendant in one of the photos). Still it aboslutely has its place in my Helmer, and on my nails now and then. 
The formula... No I don't have to mention the quality, you know that by now. Two easily applied coats in these photos.
The holo effect is mainly scattered but at some angles the linear holo shows too. In ordinary room light it is a deep burgundy with a nice shimmer, a classic color. When in direct halogen light the shimmer is plentyfull. I would have loved some better weather to see what it looks like in direct sunlight.

The photos actually makes the polish look a bit flat. I can assure you that it is even more beautiful in reality.


  1. Åhhh det här tycker jag är gaaaalet snyggt, underbar färg verkligen. :-)

  2. Härligt, jag är lite extra förtjust i just lila holos.. det är något som gör att jag bara vill ha och ha.. haha :D