Jan 29, 2014

Rockjewel warming up the winter with Lilypad Lacquer Flaming Hot

Working my way through the Lilypad shipments and since the weekly challenge in The Australian Indie Polish Appreciation Society is to show the brightest colors I thought Flaming Hot by Lilypad Lacquer would be perfect. And it is, it really is!
Flaming Hot has been in the Lilypad collection for quite a long time. Every time I ordered from the shop I have looked at it but for some reason it never made the cut. But in the latest order I had room for a couple of those "back burner" polishes, so Flaming Hot finally ended up in my home. 

Orange is not "my" color, I do like it but it's not the perfect color for my skin tone. But when it comes to nail polish I don't discriminate any color. All are welcome in my collection. 

This is a polish with multiple personalities. In ordinary light it is a kind of metallic finish with lots of shimmer. With flash, and under halogen lamp, the holo effect shows with pink and purple flashes. It has both scattered and linear holo, not superstrong but it's there. Really beautiful!! 

The formula was, no surprise, excellent. Love the flat wide brush that makes it possible to apply quite richly. Flaming Hot is not a one-coater, but two is enough. 

Yet another polish I thought I might put on the swap list, but will not end up on that list for a while.

Look at the lovely shimmer!