Jan 15, 2014

Rockjewel with dreamy diva nails, Darling Diva Dreamy

Another one of the Darling Diva polishes I bought on the sale at NorwayNails. This one is Deamy, a quite sheer polish with linear holo effect that I think is best used as a holo top coat. It can be used as a regular polish but will need four coats to be reasonably opaque. The formula is good so it is possible to use four coats if wanted.

I wanted to try it on a white base and chose Maybelline Colorama Marshmallow for that, two coats. Over that I applied two coats of Dreamy. It went on smoothly, without any issues at all. I think the result is really nice although I think I will choose a creamy white next time. The pearly shimmer in Marshmallow seems to dim the holo effect a bit. I tried Dreamy also on a dark, creamy polish and the holo effect was very strong on that.

The shimmer of Dreamy shifts from a grey tone, to pale blue, to pink, to lilac. I think it would be very pretty to stamp with a light pastel color on this.

I thought I would not like this too much and was prepared to put it up for swap/sale after testing. Bought it anyway because the price was good. Now I think I will keep it, at least for a while. I think I will use it. :-)

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