Jan 3, 2014

Rockjewel reveals favorite flower

A quick blog post. 
This will be this Sunday's contribution to the weekly challenge in the FB-group Adventures in Stamping. The theme this Sunday is Favorite Flower. 
I love the Aquilegia because it's many varieties and willingness to "mutate" into new variants without any human involvement. However, my absolute favorite flower is the rose. Preferably a long-stemmed, deep dark, blood-red rose.

I used yesterday's mani as base, Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate. I tested a (to me) new stamping polish from Mentality: Dapper. Really good quality, will probably buy some more of the Mentality Stampers in the future.
The plate is MessyMansion 07. Also excellent quality. I will most certainly buy more from MM too.

The result:


  1. Jättefint! :D Alltid beundrat dina stämplingar på FB innan men nu följer jag så nu kan jag smyga in här med :D

    1. Tack! Och jag följer din fina blogg :-)