Jan 4, 2014

Rockjewel loves green, Lilypad Lacquer Clover All Over

Yet another Lilypad Lacquer, and it will definitely not be the last, far from! I have a bunch of them heading for my mailbox. 

Clover All Over was a buy from a swap/sale group, together with LP Aquadisiac and Darling Diva Gett Off shown in earlier blog posts.

It is a teal-green holo, mostly scattered but with som linear effects too. The linear holo gives a bit more grassy green tint that was difficult to capture in the photos. A lovely colour, I have always loved colours like this. 
This is getting a bit boring, but yes, the formula is excellent! It could be enough with one coat but I used two. Easy to apply without any mess. 


  1. Åh så fint! Varifrån köper du dem? Blir frestad! ;)

    1. Jag har lagt en länk på namnet i texten ovan. Den går till facebook-sidan. Hon säljer annars via Etsy, men den shoppen är stängd just nu eftersom som har haft en restock och håller på att packa och skeppa allt just nu. Det brukar finnas en del på Llarowe, FemmeFatale, NorwayNails, BeautySoFly.