Feb 1, 2014

Rockjewel wants a Dry Martini with Lilypad Lacquer O-live For This Color

I continue with the presentation of my newest Lilypads. 
Now it is time to show yet another one of the "getting the most of the shipping cost" lacquers. The ones that don't make the cut because there are so many other polishes that are even more beautiful and stunning. But all of a sudden a space or two occurs in an order and these polishes also get their chance to enter the scene and get their well deserved spot in the limelight.
And here it is, O-live For This Color!
It is a golden green polish, one of the "creamy" holo polishes. The holo effect in this is weak, it is more like almost a metallic shimmer with fine holo particles. But it still is so beautiful!!! I was in a meeting this morning and sat in a place where a strong lamp shone on my left hand. I actually had moments when I had a hard time to concentrate!

Formula = excellent, as always with Lilypad! Two easily applied coats, I was in a bit of a hurry when I put it on, and it shows...  Also topcoat on before the photos for a change.

Well folks, isn't it really worth some attention?