Jan 2, 2014

Rockjewel + Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate = True!

There is a first time for everything. In this case it is the first time I swatch a Glitter Gal polish. I own both Brain Freeze and the subject for this post: Belgian Chocolate, but haven't tried them out yet. Brain Freeze will have to wait until later.
I've wanted a dark brown holo for some time now so when Edgy Polish had a Christmas sale I took the chance to order this. I do have another dark brown holo on it's way, but I think that one is darker than this. 

I was pleasantly surprised by this deep, dark chocolate colour with flashes of blue and rusty red. The holo effect is extreme, and seems to be visible in all kinds of lights. 
Belgian Chocolate lives up to what other swatch photos promised, and that is not always the case with nail polishes... 
I was also very happy with the formula, two coats and it looks really good! I suspect though that you might need three coats on longer nails, the first coat is a little bit patchy.

This polish makes me want more from Glitter Gal! Good to know that the quality is great :-)  

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  1. Den är sååå fin denna, jag är glad att jag äger den oxå. :-)