Jan 4, 2014

Rockjewel goes lilac with the Darling Diva - Gett Off

I have a couple of Darling Diva polishes, Little Red Corvette and one other. Even though they are beautiful, it is not one of my absolute favorite brands. I'm not too fond of polishes with large glitter particles, or too creamy ones, so there are other brands with mor for me to choose from.

When I bought a couple of Lilypads in a swap/sale group a couple of weeks ago I got one Darling Diva polish thrown into the deal for a small sum of money. I found some swatches, thought they looked ok, so I accepted the deal. And it proved to be a good deal. 

The formula was a bit tricky, difficult to apply thin layers and a bit streaky when applied thicker. But nevertheless it turned up to be really beautiful! I love this type of colour, a bit dimmed lavender. The amount of glitter is perfect, only a few sprinkles here and there. The holo effect is not very visible, but enough, 
Two coats was perfect. I think I might take a second look at Darling Diva in the future...

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