Jan 20, 2014

Rockjewel does not want fur, but Cirque Mink - yes yes yes

It was time to shorten the nails a bit. It might have been possible to keep them for another week, but one of my nails gets too much of a c-curve, and the pinkie have been repaired for four weeks now, so I decided to file them down. It is quite comfortable :-)

The nubbins premiered with Cirque Mink, another holo polish from the Christmas sale at Edgy Polish, It is a milk chocolate brown that almost makes you yearn for some Marabou.

The holo effect is quite strong with a blue-turquoise flash. It is paler than Glitter Gal Belgian Chocolate but I think the holo effect is equally strong in both. 
The formula is good, two coats, not much clean-up. The brush is also good, wide but not too wide.
This is my first Cirque but I think it will not be my last, there are a few that I have been casting glances at...


  1. Det var snyggt! Jag gillar Cirque, himla bra lack (de som jag har i alla fall :)).

  2. Jättefint! Jag gillar mina Cirque också, kanske måste lägga detta till samlingarna med... =)

  3. JAPP, nu blev jag godissugen.. holochoklad..mums