Jan 13, 2014

Rockjewel experiences a Celestial moment with Mrs Claus' Jugs

Yeah... This type of color is a favorite, no doubt about that. Although I already own the fantastic Frogs Alive by Lilypad Lacquer I still could not resist to buy Mrs Claus' Jugs by Celestial Cosmetics when Edgy Polish had a holo discount a couple of weeks ago. 

You know what a polishaholic says: "They are not the same, they are similar..." So true in this case. 
In the eyes of an uninitiated these two polishes would probably look the same, but my trained eyes ;-) can see the difference without any effort. 

Frogs Alive is still on top, but Mrs Claus' Jugs is not far behind. Both have a lovely lime-green color as base, both have a distinct and strong linear holo effect. 
The difference in color is not big but I see a bit of a blue note in the MCJ. Feels a bit strange to talk about blue at all when both polishes are so really, really shiny lime-green, but when comparing the two it makes more sence. 
The difference in the holo is that it seems like MCJ is a fraction more fine-grained than FA. 

MCJ has a really good formula, although a little bit sheerer than FA. FA is a two-coater but MCJ benefits from three coats. I used a nude color (KIKO 372) as base this time so it was enough with two coats.
It would have been better with a flat brush, but the polish didn't dry too fast so it was possible to put it on evenly anyway. 
The drying time was not too slow either, acceptable even without quick dry top coat.

Ergo: I think I need both :-D What do you think?