Jan 18, 2014

Rockjewel and the holo supernova in the sky: ILNP Cygnus Loop (H)

I Love Nail Polish have made som really nice holographic multichrome polishes. I've already shown you My Little Glacier (H) and now it is Cygnus Loop's time in the limelight a-k-a. my blog. I bought these from the ILNP site. Really fast shipping and reasonable shipping cost.

It is not an entirely trouble-free formula. First coat is patchy if trying to apply a thin coat, and runny if trying to add it a little richer. A bit difficult to clean up all polish around the cuticles. But the second layer is much easier to apply. It covers all bald spots and ends up on the nails and nowhere else. And I think the beauty forgives the formula a bit :-)

The color shifts from an almost turquoise, to dark blue, to purple, to deep red. The holo effect is a bit fickle, in some angles non-existing and in other quite strong. It's an exciting nail polish with all the colors and effects.


  1. Så snyggt alltså! Jag får nog lägga en ny beställning hos ILNP snart ;)

    1. Ja de har ju en hel del fina lack :-)