Jan 27, 2014

Rockjewel cannot go wrong with Love Thy Polish Beautiful Mistake

Fever, sore throat, headache, tired. Fighting against it since I have plans to meet some dear friends tomorrow evening. That evening will also include dinner from my favourite kebab place, Palmyra. Oh, and also lots of important and urgent things at work too. 

That said it is time for the blues. Or at least a blue nail polish. And here is where I get a bit annoyed! Why is it so impossible to catch a deep, clean midnight blue color with my camera??? OK, it's not the most advanced camera, and my photo lights are actually nothing more than cheap table lamps, but it works ok on most colors. But not the dark. clean midnight blue. Maybe it is a bit easier when it is not holo polish? The holo effect flashes in different colors and it seems like it turns a blue holo over a to turquoise, just a microturn, but still...

Well 'nuff said, now to the important thing, the polish in question.
The deep, clean midnight blue holo polish is Beautiful Mistake by Love Thy Polish. Another Aussie Indie brand, they do know what the are doing downunder...
I actually can't remember where I bought it, if it was in a shop or a swap. Is that a sign that I buy too many polishes? Can't be...

The formula was excellent, application was easy. It is almost a one-coater but left a couple of bald spots so I recommend two coats.
The brush is round and not very wide. I prefer a flat and wide brush, but the formula is so good so this brush works fine anyway. 
The holo effect is linear and strong, really beautiful. 
I would not hesitate to buy some more from this brand, good quality and beautiful colors.





  1. Underbar blå färg! <3 Vissa färger är jättesvåra att få till och dessutom kan det skilja från skärm till skärm också.

    1. Jo så är det absolut! Men hade ändå önskat att man kunde få fram lite djupare blå färg. Men jag får experimentera lite mer med diffuservarianter så kanske jag kan hitta rätt :-)

  2. Mycket vackert! Blått/lila är typiskt de färger som är svårast att få rätt, oavsett ljus, om kameran själv får stöka med färgbalanserna. :) Med lite experimenterande så avhjälps det nog!