Dec 30, 2013

Rockjewel returns with yet another Lilypad Lacquer polish - Aquadisiac

Merry whatever is left of Christmas, and a Happy New Year one day in advance. 

I have had a really relaxed week at my sister's home, celebrating Christmas with her, her husband and two lovely teenagers. And yes, they are lovely even though they are very much teenagers. :-D

Well no rest for the wicked, I'm back with yet another Lilypad Lacquer: Aquadisiac. I got this from a Facebook swap/sell group. I have been looking at this every time I've ordered from Lilypad Lacquer, but every time I've decided not to buy it. Don't take this wrong but normally I go for the more extravagant and stunnishing polishes, and this seemed a bit too demure. But when it came up for sale in the group, together with Lilypad's Clover all over, I bought them both.

It actually IS quite demure and low-key but nevertheless very beautiful and stunning!
I'm repeating myself: as almost always with Lilypad polishes the formula is excellent. I used two coats on a base coat, with top coat. Application simple and effortless.
The holo effect is there, a bit subdued but still sparkly and very beautiful. It is a minty aqua green with flashes of gold and some pink.

I will be back with more Lilypad polishes, and some other brands too. Just picked up nail mail from Edgy Polish holo sale :-D

Dec 25, 2013

Rockjewel messing up Christmas a bit...

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

As we celebrate Chrismas on the 24th in Sweden we have already opened all gifts, drunk the glögg (almost like mulled wine), eaten the lussebulle (sweetbun with saffron) and pepparkaka (gingerbread). In my family we do all that, but we are not much for going all in when in comes to Christmas. In my sisters home there is no Christmas tree, not much Christmas decoration, and we do not eat the traditional Christmas smorgasbord. Instead we ate a lovely three-course meal yesterday evening. That's all the Christmas I need. :-)
But of course I had to decorate my nails for Christmas!!

I used A-england Perceval as base on all fingers except the middle finger where I used Zoya Tomoko. The little finger got a two-coat top of Dance Legend Red Show 11, a marvellous red glitter polish with not too big glitter flakes. Perfect in my eyes!
I stamped with Perceval on Tomoko and Konad Silver on the rest. The plate used is MoYou London Festive 04

Perceval was a bit tricky to apply. The formula was a bit gooey and difficult to smooth out. Two coats were enough, already one coat was almost opaque hence I dared to use it as stamping polish on Tomoko. Still I think that I actually would like it to be a bit thinner to make the application a bit easier.

It is messy, it is crooked and it is only one phone photo, but here it is:

Dec 20, 2013

Rockjewel - a Zoya nail mail

It is high time to go to bed. Instead I stay up, paint my nails, take photos of them and writes this blog post. Yeah... It is actually ok. tomorrow is the last day before three weeks holiday. No more work until second week in January. I like... :-D Even though i like my job I would prefer to be free all the time, wouldn't you? Just give me a winning lottery ticket...

Yesterday i picked up my part of a joint order of Zoya polishes. Seven of them. I have five or six before and it is not my favourite brand, I haven't been too impressed by the formula. Some are really good but some are somewhat tricky to apply. I have also had problems chosing colours. Many of the collections are a bit too traditional to my taste. 

Nevertheless I fell for the temptation when a good friend was hinting about maybe ordering a couple of Zoyas and we started to look through all of To make a long story short: I ended up with seven Zoyas, three of them from the Ornate collection.
I have swatched them all on sticks and most of them have a quite good formula. A bit jelly-ish but still applies quite easily.

I chose Zoya Aurora as the first one to swatch on nails. (I really very seldom "swatch" on nails, I paint my nails, both hands, for daily wear and not only to photograph and post in blogs.)
It has a beautiful, quite coarse, scattered holo, with a nice depth. I like this purple nuance very much!
This is two coats. It dries quite slowly, but with a quick-dry top coat it is absolutely manageable. 
I would say that the colour actually is just a tad more to the red side than what the photos show.

Dec 18, 2013

Rockjewel is frankening... franking... franks... Ehhh whatever...

Sometimes you buy a nail polish that is beautiful but not, if you know what I mean. I am a bit irritated on nail polishes that looks really good when swatched by skilled bloggers but when you buy it you realise that you should have read the text on the blog and not only looked at the photos. 
Most often it is a polish that is really sheer and thin and the blogger had on "undies", but I missed that part... Don't get me wrong, it is nothing wrong with these polishes, they are most often really beautiful. With "undies". They are quite boring on their own. 
I do not have it in me to first put on a base coat, then one or two coats of a base colour, then one or two coats with the sheer polish and finally a top coat on this. Makes your nails look too thick and never dries all through before I have to go to bed. Yes, you get my point, don't you?

Today I got nail mail from a sell and swap group on Facebook. In it were some really nice items, and one of these polishes. It was an Ozotic. Seen them swatched, missed the facts about them. 
Well I decided to use it as a base for some homecooked polish. I added a mix of purple, black-blue, burgundy and bronze mica and shook it hartily. 
This is the result. It is a bit messy, and there are some small lumps that maybe another round of shaking can solve, but I like the colour very much!

Dec 17, 2013

Rockjewel blings gloomy day with Lilypad Lacquer Diamond in the Rough

A day like today, when it is grey outside and staying home from work with a sore throat and a little fever, you need something to cheer you up. 
I used Diamond in the Rough from Lilypad Lacquer to bring some bling into my gloomy day. This polish is the perfect New Year's eve-party polish, with massive multicoloured, scattered holo effect in a neutral, almost champagne tinted base! 
The formula is excellent! You could get away with one coat if you are in a hurry (it dries quickly) but you get the best result with two coats. It applies evenly and is easy to handle in every aspect (as almost always with Lilypad Lacquer polish). It is a bit of a sugar/sand texture on it, but more glitter than other texture polishes. Even more bling when using a top coat on it. 
These photos do not live up to the irl glitter and shimmer on this nail polish, but believe me when I say that it is really gorgeous!

First some photos au naturel (without top coat). I think this photo is the one that shows the glitter the best, and as said, it is even more blingy irl.


And some photos with top coat. Not much difference, more like a smoother surface:

Dec 16, 2013

Rockjewel gets nailmail from Dance Legend

On package after another arrives! This Saturday I picked up a package at the postal agent. It arrived already last Wednesday but I didn't have time to pick it before Saturday. That's the problem when you live outside the city and the postal agent is in the wrong direction from work... 
Well, I did pick it up and it was a long awaited delivery from Dance Legend. It took about six weeks for it to arrive. That is the downside with ordering directly from their own webshop. The upside is that there is so much to choose from. It seems like no polish retailer holds more than a handfull of polishes from DL.
In this post I will present the first two polishes from this shipment. 

First up is one of the multichrome polishes from the Chameleon collection, Roz. The color on this shifts from purple, to burgundy, to copper red and green. It is really beautiful! I have three more from this collection, it will be interesting to see if they are as beautiful as this.
The formula is a bit tricky to handle. Bald spots on first coat is not unusual. After the second coat at first it looked like it was enough, but then I discovered som still almost bald spots and had to put on a third coat. Maybe I could have gotten away with two if I hade put it on a bit thicker second layer at once. It is also a bit streaky, but as usual I'm not too bothered by that. 
Some photos:

Second in line is a thermo polish: No. 173.
It's a turquoise polish with some blue and pink subtle shimmer. The color when cold is deep turquoise, when warm it is a really light turquoise-to-baby blue with the shimmer more visible. My mani was a bit sloppy, with shrinkage from the top coat, so I will only publish a few photos.
The thermo effect is not very apparent in these photos, It is really quite a big difference between cold and warm. 
I like the color very much but the polish was at bit difficult to handle. Not so much because the formula but more because I'm not used to the thermo effect. It was strange to see the polish change color immediately after it was applied. This made it difficult to see if the polish was applied evenly or not. I put on three coats because of that, but I think two coats are enough.

Dec 14, 2013

Rockjewel shows more from favourite brand Lilypad Lacquer

Finally Friday and weekend. Celebrating it with painting the world green. Oh well, at least my nails. Got three more polishes from Lilypad Lacquer. This is one of them, Frogs Alive, a poison/lime green with a stunning holo! I'm a sucker for this type of green! 
Lilypad Lacquer is my absolute favourite nail polish brand. Nicole, the talented creator of these polishes, is a wizard when it comes to creating one beautiful polish after the other! It is always difficult to choose which ones to buy. Wish I could buy them all...
The formula is good. When I swatched on a stick it felt a little bit less opaque than most Lilypad polishes, but still it was enough with two coats.
Some photos: