Jan 19, 2014

Rockjewel with love from Russia: Dance Legend Shining Rainbow #43

I had almost forgotten this polish! I got it before Christmas and haven't yet tried it even though I think it is beautiful. This week I re-found it and decided to wear it.

After I had put it on I regretted it. I was going on a business meeting the day after and the clothes I had chosen to wear did not match as well as I had thought. It actually didn't match at all... OK, dig deeper in the closet. There I found a top that I bought online a while back. Haven't used it much because it is a bit frumpy-looking, both the style and the color. Good thing it was inexpensive... The best thing with this is that it mached this nail polish perfectly. All of a sudden the top no longer looked frumpy! Amazing what a nail polish can accomplish.

The formula was quite good. First coat was a little bit patchy but it was perfect after two coats. 

The base color is a dull pink and there is an entire rainbow of other colors in it, a fantastic holo effect. I think I know where the collection name Rainbow comes from...
If you look at the photos it is like seeing several different nail polishes, but I promise it is the same in all. :-)

I took these photos the day after and saw afterwards that my index finger was a bit damaged... Must have been a tough business meeting. ;-) Yeah well, it's time for nubbin's anyway.

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