Jan 25, 2014

Rockjewel on her own: Fade to Black

A while ago I bought suspension base, glitter, some pigment and dye. I wanted to try and make my own polish, just for fun. It actually was fun, but difficult to get the right proportions of all the stuff. I managed to make a couple of bottles that weren't too bad. The reason I won't use them is that the suspension base smells really bad. Too bad...

This is one of the polishes I think is ok. It's a dark purple, almost black, base with glitter of mixed sizes and colors. I call it Fade To Black. And I promise, it looks a lot better than in these photos.


  1. Wow! Va coolt och snyggt det blev. Kul kombo. Är det blandat med lack eller pigment? Blir också sugen på att leka lite, har en flaska suspension base som bara vääntar på min uppmärksamhet! ;)

    1. Tack! I detta är det flytande, koncentrerad färglösning (fint pigment upplöst i alkohol). Utöver det bara glitter :-)