Apr 19, 2014

Rockjewel wishes everybody a Happy Easter with Darling Diva and Model City

Wasn't planning on doing an Easter mani, but then I remembered that I recently got a lovely green polish and a lovely yellow polish so I changed my mind. 
I gladly admit that I'm not the best nail artist so I settled for some dots. Good enough for me.

The green one is Darling Diva Landslide, a grass-green linear holo from The White Witch Collection. The formula is almost like glue, a bit gooey and difficult to get in the right place. At least it seemed like that at first, but it somehow floated out over the nail so with two coats I got an almost perfect finish. 
The holo is strong and flashes mostly in yellow, at least in indoors lighting. It is a bit more linear that it appears in these pics. I bought this from Darling Diva's own shop.

The yellow polish is Corn Maze by Model City. It is a scattered, with a touch of linear, holo. It really is corn yellow with gold shimmer. The formula of this was better, but in this was actually more difficult to get even, it was a bit streaky even after the second coat. Nothing disturbing though, it is lovely anyway.
I bought this polish from Edgy, a Swedish shop with a wide range of indie polish brands. 

Apr 16, 2014

Rockjewel flying high with Darling Diva Nightbird

OK, I do have a couple of dark blue polishes. But they are not the same as this Darling Diva Nightbird. Maybe similar, but definitely not the same. Definitely. Not the same. Similar. I swear. Just kidding, it is actually not that similar, Nightbird is a fair bit darker than for example Beautiful Mistake by Love Thy Polish (which by the way is also stunning).

I absolutely love this really midnight blue holo. Couldn't stop looking at my nails, especially in the sun! 
It has a pretty strong holo effect but it still keeps its dark base color. with flashes in medium blue and a hint of purple. In a couple of the photos it looks like it is much lighter than it really is, but in these you can see the purple hint.

The formula isn't fantastic but manageable. A bit gooey, although good coverage. Opaque and a smooth finish with two coats.

Apr 15, 2014

Rockjewel with another oldie but real goodie Lilypad Lacquer Ruby Slippers

Ruby Slippers is another one of the polishes I got in my first order from Lilypad Lacquer. Today it is almost a year ago time flies when you have a lot of lovey nail polishes.
Ruby Slippers is a beautiful raspberry polish with at medium strong holo effect. It leans a bit to pink, but it is still more red than pink. The photos show the holo a bit more blue than it is. Yes, there is blue in it, but I would say that the red and pink hues are more dominant irl.
Doesn't matter, it is a stunning nail polish! I think I must wear it more often.

Of course the formula is A+, easy to apply and opaque in two coats. 

Apr 12, 2014

Rockjewel goes wrooooom with Darling Diva GTO

Couldn't resist this even though I normally avoid glitter polishes with medium to large glitter particles in clear base, but GTO from Darling Diva was impossible to resist. It is from the Muscle Car Diva Collection and there are a few more from that collection that I thought about but actually could resist: Charger, Chevelle and maybe 'Cuda. Maybe next time...

GTO is sooo green and glittery so it ended up on my nails. I'm not really sure when I can use this, not a polish I would use at work, at least not when meeting customers. Don't want to distract them from the meeting agenda. Or do I... ;-)
Well it will be perfect for party!

As with many of the polishes of this type it is jelly-ish and a bit tricky to put on and get an even and smooth surface. I would say though that this was a bit easier than other polishes I've tried so far. It is packed with glitter so it was enough with two coats to get full opacity. I will though put on undies in a similar green color next time to avoid the uneven edges around cuticles and tips. 


Apr 9, 2014

Rockjewel is glowing with Indigo Bananas Son of Fire

I have been looking at Indigo Bananas for a long time. They have a polish with the name Cake or Death. Too bad that it is nice but not fabolous so I have yet not ordered it. One day... 
Instead I started up my Indigo Banana collection with Son of Fire, a wonderful orange-coral chromie with mild linear holo. I must admit that it took some time before I finally decided to buy it. Orange is, as you know, not the best color for me, but sometimes I can't resist a nice orange.
This one is fantastic! 

The color shifts from a light orange over really bright orange, copper and a hint of red. The holo is not the strongest but still very visible even in indoors lighting. I think I managed to capture it quite well in some of the photos.
The formula was a bit too thin, but not at all impossible to handle. Enough pigments though to still be a two-coater.

Apr 7, 2014

Rockjewel feels energized with Glitter Gal High Voltage

What's not to like with this nail polish? It is lilac and purple, it sparkles, it does not have large glitter flakes. However it was at first not among those I chose from a blogsale, but after thinking about it for a while I added it anyway. No regrets there, it is a lovely polish.

The formula is good, first coat a bit uneven but second coats smooths it all out and gives a nice finish. The holo-particles are large and scattered which gives a beautiful depth and fantastic sparkle. It is truly stunning in the sun, showing flashes of not only lilac and purple hues but also light blue, pink, peach and turquoise. And even better is that it glitters like a glitter flakes polish but is really easy to remove. 

There are lots and lots of beautiful Glitter Gal polishes. I have Brain Freeze and Belgian Chocolate already and I will most certainly get some more of the brighter Glitter Gals in the future.

Apr 5, 2014

Rockjewel challenges DNA with ILNP Mutagen (H)

Times like these I wish I had a better camera, and better photo lighting. I also wish I was a better photographer. The part with a better equipment is fixable, but the part that depends on my skills might be a bit more difficult to fix...
Well, one does the best one can, under existing circumstances.
As with this polish, ILNP Mutagen (H), and other polishes like it. The chromies, duo-, multi-, ultra- and so on, are always difficult to capture with the camera, and with me behind the camera... You can fill in the rest yourself.

Mutagen (H) is a holographic ultra-chrome that also comes in a non-holographic version. I bought both. Not sure if it is necessary to own both, but they are both beautiful. The polish shifts mostly in green hues, but in different angles and lightings it shows dark blue, plum, purple, pink, silver, sage green. The shifts do not stand out that much, but the predominant color and shimmer is beautiful as is. And when the lighting is right the effect is lovely! The holo effect is medium strong, mostly light blue flashes and gold and silver shimmer. 

The formula is good, two coats are what I used to get it opaque. A little bit streaky, but nothing that bothers me too much.