Jan 6, 2014

Rockjewel and the first Chirality, Just Before Dawn

Another polish I bought from Edgy Polish was Chirality Just Before Dawn. I was a bit indecisive about this,it looked a bit tame, and is not really my colour, but still I thought it deserved a chance so I put it in my shopping cart.
Now I wonder why I didn't buy some more Chirality polish, there are a lot of them that I think I need, if they are as beautiful as Just Before Dawn. I especially like the holo polishes. The are a bit more demure than many other holo polishes, but that is in itself what makes them as desirable for me as polishes with heavy holo effect. And it seems like Chirality is releasing a collection with heavier holo effect very soon. Check out the Chirality Polish Facebook page for more information and photos.

The formula is good. It was a bit tricky to get the first coat even, left a few bald spots. I applied quite a rich second coat and that did the trick. It was a bit streaky at first, but it didn't dry too fast so it was possible to fix that without messing it up.

So fellow polish lovers: do not hesitate, go buy some Chirality. I will :-)



  1. Läcker färg, Chirality verkar göra bra lack, jag har nyligen testat två som har väldigt bra kvalitet. :-)

    1. Ja det blir nog fler av detta märke snart. Vilka är det du har testat?