Jan 24, 2014

Rockjewel nails in mint condition with Lilypad Lacquer Spearmint Leaves

Well, I managed to put the wrong heading on yesterday's blog post, I've changed it now...
NOW it is time for Lilypad Lacquer Spearmint Leaves.

I absolutely love these a little bit creamier holo polished that Nicole makes! They still have enough holo to satisfy me, but it is not as poignant as some of the other Lilypads. Needless to say I love both types. The only downside is that it is difficult to catch the holo effect with the camera, but it's there. 

Spearmint Leaves has a mint blue-green color, a kind I like very much. It is similar to another LP polish, Cayman Island Delight, but a tad bluer than that. The difference is big enough for me to keep both, as you know similar is not the same :-)
Issue-free application as always, could be a one-coater if applied richly, but here is two coats. 
I also put some top coat on. Normally I put the top coat on after the photo session since even with Orly Sec'n Dry there is some minor shrinking. Still I think it is the best top coat I've tried, better than Seche Vite, Poshé and Essie Good to Go. Essie is on second place but thickens too much too quickly. 

I would like to apologize (today too) for the photos here below. I was tired and sloppy yesterday when I painted my nails, so sloppy that it was impossible to clean sufficiently. And added to that the skin and the cuticles are dry, helps some to moisturize, but not completely.