Jan 9, 2014

Rockjewel still got the blue(s) with OPI Into The Night

Thought of skipping this blog post. I'm not at all content with these photos, or the mani for that matter. I got some bumps and blisters here and there, I managed to mess up one nail, and the beautiful blue color is not accurately reflected in the photos. But ok... Here it comes...

I found OPI Into The Night on sale a week ago, together with Just Spotted The Lizzard. Loved the blue color, a true blue in my mind, with a nice, subdued shimmer. No purple tint, no green tint, just blue. That is not shown in the photos, the blue seems to lean an micropart of an inch to green. But ok, the color IS ok in the photos too, but not as nice as the color IRL.

It's a real sheer polish so I used IsaDora City Khaki (beige-grey) as "undies", and two coats of Into The Night. Easy to apply.



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