Jan 26, 2014

Rockjewel compares: Frogs Alive vs. Mrs Claus Jugs

I have posted two similar polishes in two different blog posts here. I have been asked to do a comparison between these two, and here it is.

The two polishes are Lilypad Lacquer Frogs Alive and Celestial Mrs Claus Jugs. Both lime-green with strong linear holo effect. 
First a comparison of the formula. Frogs Alive wins that section by being almost a one-coater. But the win is minimal since MCJ is a convincing two-coater, and FA too looks it best with two coats. Still FA-MCJ 1-0, or can I give 1-0,5 maybe? Yes, I can decide my scale myself :-)

Next section is holo effect. This is tricky... Both have very strong linear holo, maybe FA could be a micropoint stronger, but I think it depends more on the lights than the polishes themselves. Points for this 1-1. That sets the score to 2-1,5.

Next is the color. Wow, this is tough! I think that even though they are very similar there are still differences. FA is a bit darker and stronger, MCJ is lighter and leans a little bit more to the olive-yellow side, although very little. Must give 1-1 here too. The score now 3-2,5.

Last part of the comparison is very subjective: which one gets my love?
Yes... Both polishes have their well-earned place in my collection. But say I had to give one up and only keep one of them. Knife on my throat, gun to my head and so on... Then I would keep Lilypad Frogs Alive. It just has that little extra ounce of oomph and it factor. Let's hope I never will have to choose. The score here? Hmmm... 1-0,75

Total score Frogs Alive 4 Mrs Claus Jugs 3,25. Even, but Frogs Alive is still the winner.

Oh yes, photos. Of course. I tried to catch a couple of different angles and lightings. I see now that the text in the photos is very small, but it is Frogs Alive on index and ring finger, Mrs Claus Jugs on middle finger and pinky.


  1. Skulle ha valt Grodan! Gillar styrkan och klarheten, och oliv-guly avskräckte mig. :-)

    1. Du kan vara lugn även om du skaffar dig Mrs Claus Jugs. Den är inte oliv eller gul, den bara drar lite mer dit än Frogs Alive. Fortfarande är det en härligt limegrön färg på den också :-)

  2. I think I would definitely go for Frogs Alive based on colour :)