Jan 12, 2014

Rockjewel embraces extraterrestrial bugs with Darling Diva Space Beetle

Space Beetle was one of three Darling Diva polishes I bought on the NorwayNails sale.
It looked a bit dull on the photos but I googled swatches and it looked promising. And it is really beautiful! No regrets whatsoever over buying them, neither for this, nor the other two I bought!

Darling Diva has recently released Muscle Car Diva Collection. Looks really nice, or what do you think? Beautiful swatches by Lavish Layering here. They're the same style as Little Red Corvette, which I already have. Maybe it needs some friends? ;-)

Enough of that and back to Space Beetle, it deserves some more space. 
It is a bit difficult to describe the color and finish. I would say that it is a grey-taupe base with mostly scattered, but also some really nice linear holo. "Neutral with a twist" maybe? In ordinary light the finish is almost a metallic, pink gold to taupe shimmer, but in dimmed flashlight and halogen lamp light it shows a lot more colors and dazzling glitter. 

The formula is good but on the sheer side. I used KIKO 372, a nude color, as base, and two coats of Space Beetle. Without colored base I think three coats are needed. 
It has a round brush. I prefer a flat and wide brush, but this worked ok anyway.

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