Jan 14, 2014

Rockjewel gets a purple kiss, Angel's Kiss by Lilypad Lacquer

I was going to pass on this. I had already bought too much nail polish in December (and November, and October, and... yeah... you get my point...). I decided not to buy it. I decided that it wasn't as beautiful as many other polishes, a little too grey, not purple enough, probably not possible to get it anyway since it was a Norway Nails Exclusive LE. 
I tried...
Then Norway Nails had a sale. Lilypad Lacquer Angel's Kiss was not on sale, but I decided to buy it anyway since I found some nice polishes on sale. You know, when you still have to pay for the shipping... 
And then I saw some swatches that made me really happy that I bought it.

Angel's Kiss has, of course, a really good formula. One rich coat could be enough, I used two. 
The color is a deep greyish purple cream, with both scattered and linear holo. The holo effect is not extremely strong but beautiful in the creamy purple. The color shifts quite a lot in different lights, from dark, dimmed purple to a lighter purple with som blue and pink tints.

Isn't this lovely?



  1. Väldigt vacker, inte så mycket holoeffekt som du säger, men en fin färg. :-)