Jan 23, 2014

Rockjewel turns into a people pleaser with Lilypad Lacquer Purple People Eater

The result of Lilypad Lacquer Christmas restock frenzy shopping arrived this Monday. Went and picked it up on Tuesday even though I was really tired after a tough and disappointing day at work. I needed something to cheer me up, and it was worth the extra 30 km on narrow, winding roads to get them.
A sad thing though was that one of the polishes was broken. Nicole at Lilypad always wraps the polishes very carefullly, but unfortunately that didn't help this time, the package looked like some big animal had chewed on it. Not even Nicoles wrapping can stand against that kind of handling... But I was very happy anyway, all the other polishes survived, and they are beautiful!! All of them! :-)

It was difficult to decide which one to try on first. I swatched on sticks first, changed my mind at least ten times, but finally chose Purple People Eater, a quite "kind" and light purple with a nice holo effect. 

Two coats, no top coat. Issue free application, fairly short drying time, and then pure, cute love. Most of the photos shows the color a bit more blue than it really is, but it is more true in a couple of them.

(Apologize for the dry skin and cuticles...)


  1. Åhhhh, vill haaaaa!!! Helt underbart! <3 <3 <3

  2. Mycket fin, färgen känns varm men kall på samma gång typ. :)

  3. Himla läcker färg! Måste skaffa några så'na lack. Också! :D