Mar 31, 2014

Rockjewel wears the ultimate wow-polish Lilypad Lacquer True Blood

This is THE nail polish!! I say it again: THE nail polish! There should be a warning triangle on the bottle: "Don't wear this polish while operating heavy machinery" or something like that. It is totally impossible to stop looking at it.

This is my first indie love, True Blood from Lilypad Lacquer. Also included in my first order of indie polish. I was so lucky to get this, and I didn't even have to struggle for it, no waiting in line online at a webshop, no nervous moment when checking out the shopping cart to see if the polishes are still available or not. 
I happened to stumbled upon Lilypad's Etsy store one day and was stunned! So many beautiful nail polishes! I took my time, returned to the store again and again. Finally, after a couple of weeks I decided that I dared to order. I think I ordered three or four, and a couple of friends joined and filled up to the flat rate 7 polishes limit.

The formula is perfect! It could be a one-coater but I put on two. No top coat on the indoors pics, Orly Sec'N Dry on the outdoors.

Well, I don't think I need to say much more about this. Now I will let the pictures talk. I tried to capture all the different faces of this polish. Don't miss the last three pics, I managed to get some sunlight on it too. Absolutely fabulous!!!



  1. Jag förstår hypen kring det här lacket nu! Du är verkligen en sann LL-samlare som har den här godingen! Jättefina bilder, som vanligt :)

    1. Tack :-D Jo denna är jag riktigt glad att jag fick tag på.

  2. Det här bor hos mig också och det är helt fantastiskt vackert!