Mar 24, 2014

Rockjewel in search of the dark side with Lilypad Lacquer Dirty Soul

We all have dark sides, I know I have. ;-)
Lilypad Lacquer Dirty Soul is a polish with a name that should speak to these darker sides, but it might be a bit too beautiful for that. The base is a clean grey and added to that is a medium-grained scattered holo. In some angles there also seems to be a bit of linear holo, but the scattered holo is definitely dominant.  
The holo is fairly strong and flashes in turquoise, pink and copper. There is a "dirty" side of this polish too, but it only shows in indoors lighting. It is actually a really nice, deep grey color, still with a little bit of shimmer visible.
Almost a one-coater, as most of the Lilypads. Perfect applicaiton, no problems at all. 

I was a bit in doubt over this polish, maybe it was a bit dull? But no, I love the clean, grey color and the flashes in different colors. It is both a bit rough, like granit, and glamorous with the wonderful holo effect.

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