Mar 16, 2014

Rockjewel turns businesslike with Jindie Nails Just Claws

This polish just happened to find its way to me in an order from somewhere... Cannot for the world remember which shop it was. Or maybe a swap/sale? No I think it was a shop. It's not important though because I like it :-)

Just Claws is my first encounter with Jindie Nails polish, and it was a pleasant one. Most of JN polishes have too much and too big glitter particles for my taste, but there are some really nice holos that I would like to own. To be fair, some of the "particle polishes", the ones with smaller glitter in, are quite nice too.

The color is a beautiful pink with tones in the purple and even a little in the orange direction. In the right lighting it is stunning, with a quite strong, both scattered and linear holo. In ordinary indoors light it is a quite ordinary finish but still a really nice and sweet pink that can offend no one and can be accepted by everyone. A color that says "I care about my nails but I want everyone in this meeting to listen to me and not look at my nails, at least most of the time."

The formula is good, could be a one-coater if it weren't for a few bald spots after the first coat. Could be my base coat that is the problem, but if so then it is worth it. Not going to change that. Anyway, this is not a big problem at all, after the second coat it looks perfect. Take a look!

And here are som more pics


  1. Ohh! This is definitely my cup of tea. Love it! And your pics are gorgeous :)

    1. Thanks :-D I'm normally not very "pink" but some pink colors are really nice :-)