Mar 21, 2014

Rockjewel presents Spring on a budget with polish from Nordic Cap and Gina Tricot

Yes I love indie polish and high end polish brands, but I'm not at all prejudiced against any polish. For example I own a lot of low-budget polishes. Here in Sweden nail polish from well-known brands, like OPI, Sally Hansen, Essie, are quite expensive. As a really nice counterweight we do have some less expensive brands, and also one real low-price brand, with Swedish origin.

Some would say that low price equals low quality, and sometimes that is true. But even though I don't have that much experience in this area I have noticed that the quality of even the most expensive polish brands span from lousy to perfect. 

Today I present two polishes with lovely spring colors. And they go together very well. One of them is the real low-budget brand, Nordic Cap Star Nails. It can be found in many ordinary supermarkets and costs no more than $1.50. Many nice colors and different finishes. Generally acceptable quality, some are really good and some not so good. 

The one I'm wearing here, NP47, is unfortunately not so good. The positive sides are that it is opaque, almost a one-coater, and that the pearly shimmer is real intense and lovely. Negatives are that it is a bit streaky and very gooey. It is really difficult to get a smooth finish. Since I from start intended to put another polish on top I could live with that. It is a really lovely spring color.

The color I put on top is a bit more expensive but still low-budget, about $5.85 for one, or three for $14.50. It is by Gina Tricot, a Swedish clothing company. It has a lot of shimmer and some glitter, perfect for adding a bit of glamour.

I really like this mani! Lovely spring color, much needed this week when the winter returned for a couple of days. 

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