Mar 17, 2014

Rockjewel is starstruck by Femme Fatale Starfall

Starfall is my second polish from Femme Fatale. It has a kind of foggy, dusty tone of purple that I really, really love!! It is quite dark but has a light side too, very strange... It shifts from a dusty pink-purple to a dark blurple and has a fine-grained, semi-strong, linear holo. 

Since this is probably one of my top three favorite colors, Starfall should be put on my top three list. Unfortunately the formula is not as perfect as for example Lilypad's, it is a bit gooey. It might be fixed with a few drops of thinner, it's at least worth the try.
So if it does not end up on my top three list, where does it go?  I would definitely say that it is in top ten, at least. Maybe even top five, if thinner can fix the formula. 

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