Apr 5, 2014

Rockjewel challenges DNA with ILNP Mutagen (H)

Times like these I wish I had a better camera, and better photo lighting. I also wish I was a better photographer. The part with a better equipment is fixable, but the part that depends on my skills might be a bit more difficult to fix...
Well, one does the best one can, under existing circumstances.
As with this polish, ILNP Mutagen (H), and other polishes like it. The chromies, duo-, multi-, ultra- and so on, are always difficult to capture with the camera, and with me behind the camera... You can fill in the rest yourself.

Mutagen (H) is a holographic ultra-chrome that also comes in a non-holographic version. I bought both. Not sure if it is necessary to own both, but they are both beautiful. The polish shifts mostly in green hues, but in different angles and lightings it shows dark blue, plum, purple, pink, silver, sage green. The shifts do not stand out that much, but the predominant color and shimmer is beautiful as is. And when the lighting is right the effect is lovely! The holo effect is medium strong, mostly light blue flashes and gold and silver shimmer. 

The formula is good, two coats are what I used to get it opaque. A little bit streaky, but nothing that bothers me too much. 

So please don't let these photos scare you away from the ILNP ultra-chromes, they are so much more beautiful than these photos tell. 

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