Mar 22, 2014

Rockjewel thinks of raspberries with Darling Diva Rooms on Fire

Raspberry, raspberry, raspberry... It is a strange name for a berry. Could it be because of the small thorns on the stems maybe? 

Never mind, Darling Diva Rooms on Fire is a beautiful raspberry polish with a really strong, blurple-flashing holo, and no rasp at all. It is from the White Witch Collection, from which I realise I own most of them... Well, they are beautiful, all with strong holo and stunning colors. Rooms on Fire is no exception.

The formula is good, two coats for perfect, opaque finish. Some minor issues with gooey-ness on the first coat, but nothing that caused too much problems. I personally think that the DD brusehes are a bit thin, I prefer a bit wider, flat brush. Still it is not difficult to apply the polish, it works fine.

The holo is really awesome and very visible in almost all lightings except in bad indoors lighting. But then it instead gets a wonderful raspberry nuance that actually matches my newest jumper perfectly. 

And a bunch of photos... I have used double diffuser on some photos to dull the holo down a bit. I wanted to give the raspberries a chance to show through the blurple flashes.