Mar 15, 2014

Rockjewel goes D.U.I. with Dance Legend Chameleon Knight

I put it on. I thought it was a bit boring. OK, it was shiny, it shifted a bit in blackened gold and bronze, but nothing like swatches I have seen of it. Decided to wear it for one day anyway.

The morning after i got into my car and drove away to work. It was not full sun, thin clouds let the sun shine through a bit. I was driving, concentrating on the road and all of a sudden I caught a glimpse in the corner of my eye. Something fantastic! Silver, blue, gold, bronze, blurple! It was really, really difficult to keep my eyes on the road and the traffic, my nails were screaming for attention with all this beauty! Lots of ohhs and aaahhs, hoping for traffic lights to turn red so I could take another good look at it. 
Of course I could not resist showing this lovely-ness to some of my colleagues (those that appreciate beautiful nail polish) and got yet another bunch of ooohhs and ahhhs.

The formula is good. It's not sheer, but two coats are needed. It gets a bit streaky but this is not a big problem. The only real issue I have with this is that every little irregularity on the nail shows. A good ridgefiller is probably the solution, I think I need to buy one... 

Then the task of trying to catch this with the camera. Not possible... When I saw the photos I decided not to blog about this polish at all, but I picked out a few pics anyway that I think at least are ok, and here they are.
Don't let them discourage you from buying this polish, or any other polish from the Chamelion collection, they are truly beautiful!

And some more pics...

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  1. Jag klickade hem detta igår! Nu får jag bara vänta otåligt några månader! Så himla vackert.