Mar 8, 2014

Rockjewel feels intoxicated with Dance Legend Wow Prism Poison

Got some really nice shipments this week. One was from Dance Legend. Normally you must be prepared for a long wait when ordering from Dance Legend but this time it was actually a bit shorter shipping time than the order we placed in October last year. I think this took 4 weeks from placing the order until it arrived. That's fair I think. Last time it took about 6 weeks. You can get these polishes from other suppliers, but they only carry a chosen selection of the DL polishes. I think it is worth the wait when you can choose among all these beauties.

The quality of the Dance Legend polishes is generally high. The quality of the swatch photos in the store is also very high BUT... the photos do not always show all the beauty you can find in these polishes. 
Sometimes you buy polishes after seeing some really beautiful swatch pics and maybe get a little bit, but only a little, disappointed when you put it on your own nails. Almost always the polish is still lovely and there are no regrets buying it, but still... With time you learn that this is the way it is, and the expectations get a bit more realistic.
When it comes to Dance Legend it is sometimes the opposite, especially with the holos. As I said the pics are really beautiul, but many of the polishes are even more beautiful in real life.

 This actually also applies to this polish: Poison from the Wow Prism collection. And before you get too high expectations: as you can see my pics are definitely not even close to the ones in Dance Legends shop, but the polish IS even more beautiful IRL. 

The formula of Poison is good, only a little bit gooey. Some risk for leaving a few small bald spots with the first coat, but second coat repairs that perfectly. 
It is packed with large holo-ish particles that shimmers in light green to silver and even a touch of gold, the latter apparently impossible to catch with the camera. 
Conclusion: do not hesitate to buy Dance Legend nail polish. Do not hesitate to order from the Dance Legend shop, there are so much to choose from so it is worth the a little bit longer shipping time.

And some more pics...


  1. Väldigt vackert. Detta måste jag nog köpa :D

  2. Ser väldigt fint ut. Blir en beställning för mig så småningom så himla kul att se swatcher på diverse :)