Mar 13, 2014

Rockjewel gets no nightmare with Darling Diva Dreams

This will be a quick one, time to go to bed. But first some photos of one of my latest Darling Diva polishes, Dreams from The White Witch Collection. Lots of lovely holo polishes in that collection and now I own some of them.

Darling Diva polishes have a really good formula. Dreams is no exception. Ok, the first coat seems to be quite sheer, but it is still enough with two coats.
The holo is linear and strong, the color is a deep, but not to dark, color. You can see a lighter, cornflower blue, as well as a stronger blue color. Really beautiful. The photos do not show as much of the cornflower as I wanted.

Unfortunately I had an accident a couple of days ago, I broke my ringfinger nail on my "model hand" when  I picked up my bag to go to work. Since it was a bit down on the nail bed it hurt a bit. I just put some bandage on, didn't have the time to repair. In the evening I managed to fix it but it is a bit thicker and uneven. And I got some glue on the cuticles and that didn't make it better... But here are the photos anyway 

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