Mar 29, 2014

Rockjewel strutting around with Lilypad Lacquer To Dance With a Peacock

I have a problem... And now you say "Only one problem???" OK, I have more, but only one I would like to admit to today. It is about the most fabulous polishes I own. I crave them, I am lucky enough to get them; I long for them to arrive and when they arrive I am so happy and.... put them in my untrieds drawer... It's like I don't dare to use them, or want to save them for a special occasion or so. The stupid thing is that there are not many special occasions in my life, at least not as many as my "special" nail polishes. Ergo: I need to do something about this. Force myself to take one of these fantastic polishes and put them on for an ordinary tuesday. Or thursday, or other ordinary day.

This week I actually managed to use one of these polishes on a tuesday. I do have to admit that it wasn't really an ordinary tuesday, I had a *date* with some really good and fun friends. In honour of the day, and the good friends, I chose to put Lilypad Lacquer To Dance With a Peacock on my nails. And, to use a worn out acronym, OMG!!!!! Up on my top five list! 

To start with, this is one of my favorite colors in any area, not only nail polish. I love this dark teal! Add a stunning linear holo to this and I scream HOME RUN!! The color spans from a really dark teal, over both blue an green tones. Added to that a lovely rainbow effect.

Created by Nicole of Lilypad Lacquer not only the color, effects and the finish are perfect, also the formula is fantastic. Two coats of perfect-ness! 

And now to the pic spam:



  1. WOW! Vilket underbart lack, ojojoj. Helt underbart alltså <3