Mar 7, 2014

Rockjewel needs no sweets with Mentality Gumdrop

Mentality gumdrop is a polish that reminds me of a sort of Swedish candy called blue fish. It is a hard candy with a specific, salty licorice taste. It is really tasty as it is, and it is also popular to make candy shots with. It's quite easy. Just put some candy in vodka and let it melt down. Drink it as shots. 

Well, back to the reason for this blog post: Mentality Gumdrop. It's a polish from the Candy Jelly Holo collection. I got this in a blogsale and it is a real sweety. I would love to get some more from the same collection. And from other Mentality collections...

Gumdrop is a kind of almost creamy holo polish. The holo effect is not very pronounced but it is there and it is enough. Some hint of linear but mostly scattered, fine-grained holo. I like it a lot! It is a color I feel comfortable with. It relaxes me.
The formula is really good. No bald spots or other difficulties applying it. Two coats covers perfectly. 


  1. oooh dessa fiskar har jag minsann ätit en del av, men nu väljer jag att njuta av detta lack iställlet :)