Mar 5, 2014

Rockjewel relaxes with Lilypad Lacquer Sunset At Sea

Lilypad Lacquer is not only about holo polish, and here is a  beauty to prove that. This is Sunset At Sea, a duo/multi-chrome polish that spans from a dark blurple to brick red and even a hint towards mustard. 
I have a few more from this collection, they all seem to be equally gorgeous! I will show them all in due time :-)

The formula is good, but unlike the LP holos this needs 3, maybe even coats on its own to be opaque. I used white undies here (which unfortunately shows in the pics...) and then two coats of Sunset... It is really beautiful on its own, but white or black undies lifts the colors yet another notch. 

I didnt do a good job with this mani. Messy, not a good cleanup etc. etc. etc. But if you can look at the polish, and only the polish, I'd be grateful :-)

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