Dec 30, 2013

Rockjewel returns with yet another Lilypad Lacquer polish - Aquadisiac

Merry whatever is left of Christmas, and a Happy New Year one day in advance. 

I have had a really relaxed week at my sister's home, celebrating Christmas with her, her husband and two lovely teenagers. And yes, they are lovely even though they are very much teenagers. :-D

Well no rest for the wicked, I'm back with yet another Lilypad Lacquer: Aquadisiac. I got this from a Facebook swap/sell group. I have been looking at this every time I've ordered from Lilypad Lacquer, but every time I've decided not to buy it. Don't take this wrong but normally I go for the more extravagant and stunnishing polishes, and this seemed a bit too demure. But when it came up for sale in the group, together with Lilypad's Clover all over, I bought them both.

It actually IS quite demure and low-key but nevertheless very beautiful and stunning!
I'm repeating myself: as almost always with Lilypad polishes the formula is excellent. I used two coats on a base coat, with top coat. Application simple and effortless.
The holo effect is there, a bit subdued but still sparkly and very beautiful. It is a minty aqua green with flashes of gold and some pink.

I will be back with more Lilypad polishes, and some other brands too. Just picked up nail mail from Edgy Polish holo sale :-D

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