Dec 8, 2013

Rockjewel heart Lilypad Lacquer. Times three.

This Friday I got a shipment from Llarowe with some really nice nail polishes! I was lucky and saw the announcement of a restock of the Llarowe exclusive Lilypad Lacquer XOXO. Jumped right in to the website and managed to grab one. Besides the XOXO, two other Lilypads found their way to the cart: Pink Sugar and All About Blue. I also got a "lemming", Jade Uau! and Elevation Polish Mount Cangyan. The last two will have to wait, today this blog is dedicated to the three Lilypads. And yes, maybe too many photos, but I think they are worth it :-)


First on stage is the beautiful XOXO. First I was not sure that I really "needed" this, but since I got the chance to buy it I decided to do so anyway. I don't regret it at all!! Look at these pictures! And it is even more fantastic in real life, believe it or not!
I applied two coats. One coat is a bit sheer, but still with a really nice holo effect. Maybe nice with one coat over another polish? As always with Lilypad Lacquers an easily applied formula.

Just look at these two pictures! The color shifts from grey to teal to copper, hints of blue and even a dimmed purple! The linear holo is very strong, as the photos show.

And here some more photos:

And then the next to perform: Pink Sugar.
I not a very "pink" person, but sometimes it is nice to indulge in colors like this. But then it must be the right nuance. This is the right nuance of pink for me. It is pink with the tiniest hint of lilac.  
Also a nice formula, two coats. 

It has a really nice linear holo effect, not as strong as XOXO, but undoubtedly a linear holo! Some more photos:

Last in line is All About Blue. I do not need to repeat that the formula is perfect, you know that by now. The same goes for the holo effect, but this one actually has both linear and scattered holo in it. The color shifts from clear blue to teal to darker blue, with a hint of copper. The dark blue is difficult to catch when using flash, it is more visible in real life. 

Not bad at all! More photos!! Tried some different lights and angles to show the different colors that are present.

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