Dec 25, 2013

Rockjewel messing up Christmas a bit...

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

As we celebrate Chrismas on the 24th in Sweden we have already opened all gifts, drunk the glögg (almost like mulled wine), eaten the lussebulle (sweetbun with saffron) and pepparkaka (gingerbread). In my family we do all that, but we are not much for going all in when in comes to Christmas. In my sisters home there is no Christmas tree, not much Christmas decoration, and we do not eat the traditional Christmas smorgasbord. Instead we ate a lovely three-course meal yesterday evening. That's all the Christmas I need. :-)
But of course I had to decorate my nails for Christmas!!

I used A-england Perceval as base on all fingers except the middle finger where I used Zoya Tomoko. The little finger got a two-coat top of Dance Legend Red Show 11, a marvellous red glitter polish with not too big glitter flakes. Perfect in my eyes!
I stamped with Perceval on Tomoko and Konad Silver on the rest. The plate used is MoYou London Festive 04

Perceval was a bit tricky to apply. The formula was a bit gooey and difficult to smooth out. Two coats were enough, already one coat was almost opaque hence I dared to use it as stamping polish on Tomoko. Still I think that I actually would like it to be a bit thinner to make the application a bit easier.

It is messy, it is crooked and it is only one phone photo, but here it is:

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