Dec 16, 2013

Rockjewel gets nailmail from Dance Legend

On package after another arrives! This Saturday I picked up a package at the postal agent. It arrived already last Wednesday but I didn't have time to pick it before Saturday. That's the problem when you live outside the city and the postal agent is in the wrong direction from work... 
Well, I did pick it up and it was a long awaited delivery from Dance Legend. It took about six weeks for it to arrive. That is the downside with ordering directly from their own webshop. The upside is that there is so much to choose from. It seems like no polish retailer holds more than a handfull of polishes from DL.
In this post I will present the first two polishes from this shipment. 

First up is one of the multichrome polishes from the Chameleon collection, Roz. The color on this shifts from purple, to burgundy, to copper red and green. It is really beautiful! I have three more from this collection, it will be interesting to see if they are as beautiful as this.
The formula is a bit tricky to handle. Bald spots on first coat is not unusual. After the second coat at first it looked like it was enough, but then I discovered som still almost bald spots and had to put on a third coat. Maybe I could have gotten away with two if I hade put it on a bit thicker second layer at once. It is also a bit streaky, but as usual I'm not too bothered by that. 
Some photos:

Second in line is a thermo polish: No. 173.
It's a turquoise polish with some blue and pink subtle shimmer. The color when cold is deep turquoise, when warm it is a really light turquoise-to-baby blue with the shimmer more visible. My mani was a bit sloppy, with shrinkage from the top coat, so I will only publish a few photos.
The thermo effect is not very apparent in these photos, It is really quite a big difference between cold and warm. 
I like the color very much but the polish was at bit difficult to handle. Not so much because the formula but more because I'm not used to the thermo effect. It was strange to see the polish change color immediately after it was applied. This made it difficult to see if the polish was applied evenly or not. I put on three coats because of that, but I think two coats are enough.

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