Dec 3, 2013

Rockjewel combines China Glaze and Lilypad Lacquer

Needed some Lilypad Lacquer today. I chose Merlot For Me, a wonderfully deep burgundy-hint-of-purple with a not too invasive, but still stunning, holo effect. The holo particles are larger and more scattered than in for example True Blood or Rainbows in Space. 
Today I was aiming for a look that was a little bit more subtile so I decided to start with a base color without holos and glitter. I chose China Glaze Let's Groove since the color matches the Merlot For Me very well.
I used one coat of each polish. Both are almost one coaters, great formula and easy to apply. 

The pictures show the polish a bit less burgundy than it really is. And as always, the holo is difficult to catch...

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