Apr 9, 2014

Rockjewel is glowing with Indigo Bananas Son of Fire

I have been looking at Indigo Bananas for a long time. They have a polish with the name Cake or Death. Too bad that it is nice but not fabolous so I have yet not ordered it. One day... 
Instead I started up my Indigo Banana collection with Son of Fire, a wonderful orange-coral chromie with mild linear holo. I must admit that it took some time before I finally decided to buy it. Orange is, as you know, not the best color for me, but sometimes I can't resist a nice orange.
This one is fantastic! 

The color shifts from a light orange over really bright orange, copper and a hint of red. The holo is not the strongest but still very visible even in indoors lighting. I think I managed to capture it quite well in some of the photos.
The formula was a bit too thin, but not at all impossible to handle. Enough pigments though to still be a two-coater.


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