Apr 7, 2014

Rockjewel feels energized with Glitter Gal High Voltage

What's not to like with this nail polish? It is lilac and purple, it sparkles, it does not have large glitter flakes. However it was at first not among those I chose from a blogsale, but after thinking about it for a while I added it anyway. No regrets there, it is a lovely polish.

The formula is good, first coat a bit uneven but second coats smooths it all out and gives a nice finish. The holo-particles are large and scattered which gives a beautiful depth and fantastic sparkle. It is truly stunning in the sun, showing flashes of not only lilac and purple hues but also light blue, pink, peach and turquoise. And even better is that it glitters like a glitter flakes polish but is really easy to remove. 

There are lots and lots of beautiful Glitter Gal polishes. I have Brain Freeze and Belgian Chocolate already and I will most certainly get some more of the brighter Glitter Gals in the future.

First some outdoors:

And indoors...

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