Apr 19, 2014

Rockjewel wishes everybody a Happy Easter with Darling Diva and Model City

Wasn't planning on doing an Easter mani, but then I remembered that I recently got a lovely green polish and a lovely yellow polish so I changed my mind. 
I gladly admit that I'm not the best nail artist so I settled for some dots. Good enough for me.

The green one is Darling Diva Landslide, a grass-green linear holo from The White Witch Collection. The formula is almost like glue, a bit gooey and difficult to get in the right place. At least it seemed like that at first, but it somehow floated out over the nail so with two coats I got an almost perfect finish. 
The holo is strong and flashes mostly in yellow, at least in indoors lighting. It is a bit more linear that it appears in these pics. I bought this from Darling Diva's own shop.

The yellow polish is Corn Maze by Model City. It is a scattered, with a touch of linear, holo. It really is corn yellow with gold shimmer. The formula of this was better, but in this was actually more difficult to get even, it was a bit streaky even after the second coat. Nothing disturbing though, it is lovely anyway.
I bought this polish from Edgy, a Swedish shop with a wide range of indie polish brands. 
I think both polishes are really beautiful and I will certainly wear them again, although probably not both at the same time. The color combination are the same as the team colors for the swimteam I was a member of in my younger days. Mostly good memories, but a lot of green and yellow in those years... 
And yeah... Sorry 'bout the a bit dirty cuticles, removed a dark grey polish before this.
Happy Easter! :-D

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