Apr 12, 2014

Rockjewel goes wrooooom with Darling Diva GTO

Couldn't resist this even though I normally avoid glitter polishes with medium to large glitter particles in clear base, but GTO from Darling Diva was impossible to resist. It is from the Muscle Car Diva Collection and there are a few more from that collection that I thought about but actually could resist: Charger, Chevelle and maybe 'Cuda. Maybe next time...

GTO is sooo green and glittery so it ended up on my nails. I'm not really sure when I can use this, not a polish I would use at work, at least not when meeting customers. Don't want to distract them from the meeting agenda. Or do I... ;-)
Well it will be perfect for party!

As with many of the polishes of this type it is jelly-ish and a bit tricky to put on and get an even and smooth surface. I would say though that this was a bit easier than other polishes I've tried so far. It is packed with glitter so it was enough with two coats to get full opacity. I will though put on undies in a similar green color next time to avoid the uneven edges around cuticles and tips. 



  1. Åh wow, sååå snyggt, vill ha detta lack verkligen, absolut ett lack i min smak. :-)