Apr 16, 2014

Rockjewel flying high with Darling Diva Nightbird

OK, I do have a couple of dark blue polishes. But they are not the same as this Darling Diva Nightbird. Maybe similar, but definitely not the same. Definitely. Not the same. Similar. I swear. Just kidding, it is actually not that similar, Nightbird is a fair bit darker than for example Beautiful Mistake by Love Thy Polish (which by the way is also stunning).

I absolutely love this really midnight blue holo. Couldn't stop looking at my nails, especially in the sun! 
It has a pretty strong holo effect but it still keeps its dark base color. with flashes in medium blue and a hint of purple. In a couple of the photos it looks like it is much lighter than it really is, but in these you can see the purple hint.

The formula isn't fantastic but manageable. A bit gooey, although good coverage. Opaque and a smooth finish with two coats.
I have one short nail here... I have had my ringfinger patched up for a couple of weeks, but now it had grown so much that I could file it down to the fingertip. Did not have the time for the rest of the nails... 


  1. Fint och mörkt holo! Jag gillar't!

  2. Vilken underbar mörkblå holo! Vacker! :-)

  3. Ja det är en väldigt fin, djup blå färg. Inte ofta man ser det med såpass stark holo.