Feb 15, 2014

Rockjewel hesitates but still shows Dance Legend Red Show No04

I wasn't going to publish this. Everything was against it. I wanted to have a red polish today. Preferably a shimmering one. I had Dance Legend Red Show No04 in mind. It's a lovely polish, quite dark red with just enough shimmer that it can be used as an everyday polish (as if I am ever guided by that) but still glittery enough in the right lighting to make you happy.  

OK, started to put it on. A bit gooey formula so it was a little bit tricky. I put on two coats, got some on my cuticles here and there. Started to clean but messed up one of the nails a bit and put on a third coat on that nail. The clean-up was not too successful, lot of red stuck in cuticles. 

Since I had a third coat on one nail I decided to put on the top coat before taking the photos.
Putting Orly Sec'N Dry on polish that still is a bit sticky makes it shrink more. Not happy at all.
Still went on with the photos, thinking that I maybe could get at least a few OK photos. 

Then i looked at the photos... Really lousy! The beautiful shimmer was almost totally not there. The messy parts looked even messier and the red on the cuticles was even more visible.
Decided not to publish...

Looked at the photos again and decided to go ahead anyway. It IS a beautiful polish even if it doesn't look that way here.


  1. Jag tycker det ändå syns att det är ett vackert lack, men jag förstår vad du menar. Så har jag också känt ibland, när jag ser foton jag tagit på vissa lack så syns inte alls det vackra som syns IRL.

    1. Jo jag tycker nog att man kan se det, trots allt kladd :-D