Feb 9, 2014

Rockjewel back in black, with Dance Legend Shining Rainbow No64

I have neglected my Dance Legend polishes lately, some of them are still untried. Now when we have a new shipment on its way I think it is high time to use the rest of the old ones.

I got a few from the Shining Rainbow collection and this is one of them, No64. A bit boring that the polishes don't have names, only numbers, but the newer collections seems to have names so that is an improvement.

This polish is a black jelly-ish base with green glass flecks(?) that gives it a beautiful deep shimmer. It is quite opaque but still needs two coats. A bit gooey but still fairly easy to apply. 
In general the quality of Dance Legend polishes are good, and there is a lot to choose from, both traditional types and colors and more trendy collections. The only downside, as I mentioned before, is the shipping time, 45-60 days is a bit too much. Not Dance Legends fault, the seem to handle orders within a reasonable time.

And now, some photos. It was difficult to catch the nice, deep, green shimmer, but still I gave it a try...



  1. Love this one it's so cute yet classy yet cool :D I'm waiting on a couple of DL's myself. I love everything about them except that Dance Legend is written in comic sans on the bottle lol :P

  2. Härligt i vanlig ordning :D