Feb 8, 2014

Rockjewel with pearls on fingers, Lilypad Lacquer Green Pearl

Next chapter in the Lilypad Lacquer success story: Green Pearl! I got Black Pearl a while ago and was happy to see that Nicole made an entire collection of Pearls. When they were released I hesitated which one/ones to choose so I missed out on Red Pearl but got Green Pearl, the second on my wishlist. When Red Pearl returned in the latest restock I missed out on it again! I hope I will get another chance :-) 

Green Pearl did not disappoint me. It is a beautiful polish! It has both a fairly strong linear holo effect and a lovely, "sprinkly" metallic look, depending on light. On top of that it also have a kind of both scattered and linear holo in all rainbow colors. I tried to capture that with a few photos with a direct flash, without diffuser, but I think the best way must be in direct sunshine. Take a look here at the fantastic photos on Almost Famous Nails blog to see what that looks like.

Two effortless coats of Green Pearl, Orly Sec'N Dry on top. Love the formula, as always. 

Flash without diffuser

Another with direct flash

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  1. Holo är så fint! Ser fram emot att få se den röda pärlan så småningom. :-)