Feb 18, 2014

Rockjewel toughens up with Darling Diva Bitch Panties

The last of the Darling Divas I ordered from Norway Nails is Bitch Panties. Love the name! :-)
It is almost impossible to decide what color it is. It's a quite light polish with pale lavender, light blue, beige and the faintest hint of light green. 

The formula is ok. It dries a bit fast so it gets a bit gooey almost immediately after applying it. It is a a bit sheer, but I think it will be opaque with three coats, maybe even two if applied rich. Here I have put on "undies", my favorite nude, Kiko No 372. After that two coats of Bitch Panties and Orly Sec'N Dry on top.
As the other Darling diva polishes I bought I like it a lot. There is both a quite strong linear and a little scattered holo effect. I will certainly buy some more Darling Divas in the future.

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